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Marley Weatherboard colour match screws

Marley Weatherboard Colour-Matched Screws

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When installing Marley Weatherboard, Colour Match Screws can be used for all visible fixings, providing a seamless colour finish.

Made of stainless steel and measuring 9mm by 45mm, Colour Match Screws are provided in the same four shades as the Marley Weatherboard: White, Light Grey, Slate Grey and Black. The colour extends from the head of the screw and continues through the shank, before fading to the natural stainless steel colour at the threads. The Colour Match Screws are provided in packs of 100.

Where are Colour-Matched screws used?

Installing colour match screws

Screw fixing is the recommended method for fixing Marley Weatherboard to the support structure, and if the screw will be visible, Colour Match Screws should be used. Screws can be installed without pre-drilling when fixings are at least 50mm from the end of the board. For screws within 50mm of the end of the board, pre-drilling is required with a countersink to suit the screw size. Drilled holes should be at least 20mm from the edge of a board.

Colour match screws: Part of the Marley Weatherboard system

The Marley Weatherboard system comprises a comprehensive range of fibre cement weatherboard cladding, as well as all the fixings, profiles and accessories required for a successful installation.

Suitable for residential and commercial applications, both new-build and refurbishment, Marley Weatherboard provides an attractive, durable and weather-resistant cladding solution and a fire performance rating of A2-s1, d0.

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