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Marley shingles blue label ridge

Blue Label Ridge 450mm

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Sold in bundles. One bundle contains 36 pieces, 18 right hand and 18 left hand mitres. These are fixed alternately at the same gauge as the roof.


1. Trim shingles to size to create shortened ridge course. Lay along twice length of ridge, fixing each shingle twice.

2. Using pre-formed ridge units, lay along the ridge, ensuring a minimum overlap equal to the shingle guage on the roof covering. Ridge units should be twice nailed, once either side of the ridge line.

Hips and Ridges

To speed up and simplify installation, use pre-formed hips and ridges.

When installing, start at each edge and work towards the middle.



The majestic western red cedar, used for both of these roofing products, comes from stewarded and sustainable timber sources. It is lightweight yet outstandingly rigid, and it provides exceptional resistance to all weathers and extreme temperatures. It is entirely renewable and boasts PEFC accreditation and full chain of custody for extra assurance, and our shingles and shakes can achieve A+ BRE Green Guide rating.