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Eaves Vent 6m Pack for 25mm Eaves

Eaves Vent 6m Pack for 25mm Eaves

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25mm Universal Eaves Vent

Marley Universal 25mm eaves vent system is a simple to install system providing a 25mm continuous ventilation to roof voids. The 25 mm eaves vent system is suitable for roof pitches from 12.5 – 55 degrees and works both for eaves to eaves and eaves to ridge ventilation.
The Universal 25mm eaves vent system is easy to install and helps your project conform to BS 5534 and NHBC standards.


• Suitable for all Marley Tiles and part of Marley full roof system.
• Provides 25,000 mm2 free area of ventilation.
• Suitable for other manufacturers tiles and slates.
• Ideal for eaves to ridge or eaves to eaves ventilation.
• Easy to install saving time on your projects.
• Protects against ingress of wildlife at the eaves.
• Suitable for pitches from 12.5 degrees to 55 degrees.