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Marley Universal HipFast

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Product description

Marley Universal Hipfast system is a complete dry fix ventilated hip system that it quick to install and helps your project conform with BS 5534. Each Hip unit is mechanically fixed using specially designed brackets with no requirement for mortar and is suitable for standard Hip tiles. Each pack covers 6m of Hipped roof.
The Universal Hipfast system uses a high grade aluminium flashing and meets BS 5534, BS 8612 requirements and the current NHBC guidelines.

Why choose Marley Universal HipFast?

  • • High grade aluminium flashing.
    • Maintenance free – no need for mortar.
    • Hydrophobic membrane for maximum weather resistance
    • Fully ventilated and easy to install
    • Bespoke batten brackets providing excellent stability
    • Suitable for standard hip tiles.
    • Meets all BS5534, BS 8612 and NHBC guidelines.
    • Suitable for all Marley tiles and roof system

Each box contains:

  • • 6m Hip Roll.
    • 6 Hip Batten Brackets.
    • 13 Hip Unions and Clamps.
    • 2 Tapered Filler Units.
    • 16 75mm x 4.8mm stainless steel screws
    • 36 25mm x 3.35mm ARS Nails
    • 3 Washers
    • 24 Tile Head C Clips
    • 36 Tile Tail Clips