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Universal Tile Vent

Universal Tile Vent

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Marley Universal Vapour Permeable underlay is a high-performance, breathable roof membrane for use in a range of pitched roof constructions.

Complete with an integrated tape system, this underlay provides and effective wind barrier with unrestricted usage across all UK wind zones (BS 5534).

Manufactured using a multi-layer bonding process of polypropylene laminates, the underlay is an ultra-strong, durable, and easy-to-install under-tile layer that is suitable for warm or cold roof applications.

Function & Compatibility
Each underlay is manufactured using the latest materials and processes, and each incorporates a number of useful features that assist in ensuring installation that is not only correct, but also compliant with the latest British Standards.

  1. Integrated tape system for sealing underlay laps
  2. Provides a vapour-permeable underlay system with superb wind-uplift resistance
  3. Unrestricted usage Zones 1-5, and fully compliant with BS 5534
  4. No need to increase laps to coincide with tile batten courses, minimising cost
  5. No need to use an additional ‘fly’ batten to secure laps
  6. Printed guidance lines
  7. Provides a visual reference to ensure sufficient lap to the British Standard
  8. Ensures that the underlay is laid consistently and straight