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Marley universal dry verge starter kit

Universal Dry Verge Starter Kit

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One starter unit per elevation (covers two verges/two starters)

Kit contains:

  • 2 no. bracket assemblies
  • 2 no. plastic filler units
  • 10 no. 30mm stainless steel screws
  • 4 no. 50mm stainless steel screws

Is manufactured as a mortar free system and designed to keep birds from entering the eaves.

Quick and easy mechanically fix for the verge tiles according to British Standard 5534 and British Standard 8612.


Slide the plastic filler piece onto the internal rails of the dry verge. The filler piece prevents the ingress of birds and insects and will position onto the two middle rials.

Engage and slide the filler piece until it clicks into place, approximately half way down the internal rails.

Please note that the filler will only engage if it is the correct way round.