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Marley vapour permeable underlay 125g

Vapour Permeable Underlay 125g

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Breathable roofing membrane incorporating self adhesive lap joints 

Size: 1 x 50m

Vapour permeable roofing membrane

  • Product description
  • Zone 1-5 Compliant
    Integrated tape for sealing laps
    Excellent resistance to water penetration
    Clean and easy to handle
    For roof applications
    UV resistant
    Guidance lines for minimum laps
    Fabric weight 125g/m2

The Marley range of underlays have a number of built-in features to help make installing a roof quicker and easier whilst still complying to all current roofing standards.

Easy to handle - supplied in 1m width rolls which are easier to handle than wider 1.5m rolls especially on a roof in windy conditions.

Integrated tape system for sealing underlay laps:

Eliminates the need for a fly batten
Eliminates the need to increase laps to coincide with a naturally occurring tile batten
Saves money and time

To ensure maximum performance and quicker and easier installation, Marley roofing underlays feature an integrated tape system for sealing at the laps.

Guidance lines for minimum laps - the printed guidance lines provide a visual reference to ensure sufficient lap to the British Standard and to ensure that the underlay is laid consistently and straight