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Marley Weatherboard asymmetric external corner

Marley Weatherboard External Corner Asymmetric

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Use External Corners (Asymmetric) to create seamless and weathertight corners when installing Marley’s fibre-cement weatherboard cladding, and to ensure a seal between the trim and the corner of the building.

These External Corners (Asymmetric) are manufactured from high-quality 1050-grade aluminium and are provided in a choice of colours to perfectly complement the range of Marley Weatherboards.

Measuring 61mm by 61mm, External Corners (Asymmetric) are provided in 3-metre lengths, making them easy to handle and they can be cut to size as required. Installation is simple – just place the piece vertically against the corner and fix in place with screws. Then attach the fibre cement weatherboard cladding – there’s no need for any specialist tools or skills.

Where is an Asymmetric External Corner used?

External Corners (Asymmetric): Part of the Marley Weatherboard system

Manufactured from fibre cement, Marley Weatherboard is an attractive and durable cladding suitable for residential and commercial buildings. It is available in four colours: White, Light Grey, Slate Grey and Black, and finished with a realistic woodgrain texture that adds charm and elegance to any project.

         Weather resistant

        Cost effective


        Minimal maintenance

        Fire tested to A2-s1, d0

 Suitable for installation on both refurbishment and new-build applications, the versatile Marley Weatherboard system includes everything needed to install colour-matched external cladding, including accessories, fixings and touch-up paint.

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