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Marley Weatherboard perforated closure

Marley Weatherboard Perforated Closure

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Designed for use with Marley Weatherboard, Perforated Closures protect against the ingress of birds, rodents and some insects, while permitting airflow through the system.

Perforated Closures are manufactured using high-quality 1050-grade aluminium. Each profile measures 30mm by 40mm, which allows for coverage of external insulation, and they are supplied in 3-metre lengths for easy handling.

Where is the Perforated Closure used?

Installing Perforated Clousres

Perforated Closures can be cut to size as required and installation simply involves screwing or nailing in place.

They should be fixed to both the top and bottom of the vertical battens on each elevation. Perforated Closures should also be attached to each door, sill and window head. Allow a 10mm continuous air gap for door and window heads, soffits and window sills. This will result in a 20mm air gap at window and door heads.

Perforated Closures: Part of the Marley Weatherboard system

Marley Weatherboard is a fibre cement external cladding suitable for residential and commercial applications. It is durable and easy to install, and a comprehensive range of fixings, profiles and accessories is available to ensure a long-lasting and attractive result.


        Cost effective

        Low maintenance

        Fire tested to A2-s1, d0

 Provided in four colours, White, Light Grey, Slate Grey and Black, and with a natural woodgrain texture, Marley Weatherboard offers a timeless beauty that benefits both new-build and refurbishment projects.

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