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Marley Weatherboard touch up paint

Marley Weatherboard Touch-up Paint

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As part of the Marley Weatherboard system, Touch-up Paint is available to seal cut ends of the weatherboard cladding and to repair small scratches or other areas where colour is missing. Touch-up Paint is available in four colours that perfectly match the Marley Weatherboard: White, Light Grey, Slate Grey and Black.

Applying touch-up paint

Since Marley Weatherboard is through-coloured, it doesn’t require painting or repainting and it is unlikely that touch-up paint will be needed on the faces of the cladding boards. However, cut ends will need to be re-sealed using the Touch-up Paint, and Touch-up Paint may also be applied on damaged areas or around fixings and fittings. 

Supplied in 1-litre containers, Touch-up Paint should be applied sparingly with a small brush, and only in locations where it is needed. Any overspill should be removed immediately.

Touch-up Paint: Part of the Marley Weatherboard system

Marley Weatherboard is a fibre cement cladding system suitable for commercial and residential properties. It is provided in four attractive colours that have been chosen to bring charm and elegance to new-build and refurbishment projects. The boards also feature a realistic wood texture.


        Cost effective

        Easy to install

        Low maintenance

        Fire tested to A2-s1, d0

The comprehensive weatherboard system includes fibre cement weatherboard planks, as well as a range of colour-matched accessories, including touch-up paint, corners, end profiles, connectors and fixings.

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